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 Charlie Chan on DVD


18/6/06 - Charlie Chan Movies Removed From Site

Due to the official release of Fox's first Charlie Chan DVD box set, I have removed all Charlie Chan movies from this website

I encourage any customers that are interested in these movies to support these official releases and purchase the set from Amazon using the link below.


The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (TV Series)

Complete 39 Episode Set

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This set of five DVDs contains all thirty-nine episodes of the Charlie Chan TV series starring J Carrol Naish.

Volume 1
Your Money or Your Wife
Secret of the Sea
The Lost Face
Blind Man's Bluff
The Great Salvos
The Couterfeiters
Death of a Don

Volume 2
Charlie's Highland Fling
The Patient in Room 21
The Rajput Ruby
The Final Curtain
Death at High Tide
Circle of Fear
Exhibit in Wax
The Final Curtain

Volume 3
Patron of the Arts
Hamlet in Flames
Dateline - Execution
The Sweater
The Noble Art of Murder
Three Men on a Raft
No Holiday for Murder
No Future for Frederick

Volume 4
Safe Deposit
Voodoo Death
The Airport Murder Case
The Hand of Hera Dass
The Chippendale Racket
The Invalid
The Man in the Wall

Volume 5
Something Old, Something New
The Man with a Hundred Faces
Point of No Return
A Bowl by Cellini
Without Fear
Rhyme or Treason
Three For One

With Paypal - CHTVSET - $40 US$



The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan Complete DVD Set

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This two disc set contains all sixteen episodes of the short-lived 1970s cartoon series.

Season 1

1x01 The Crown Jewel Caper

1x02 To Catch A Pitcher

1x03 Will The Real Charlie chan Please Stand Up?

1x04 The Phantom Sea Thief

1x05 The Eye of the Idol
1x06 The Fat Lady Caper
1x07 Captain Kidd's Doubloons
1x08 The Bronze Idol


Season 2
2x01 Double Trouble
2x02 The Great Illusion Caper
2x03 The Mummy's Tomb
2x04 The Mardi Gras Caper
2x05 The Gypsy Caper
2x06 The Green Caper
2x07 The White Elephant
2x07 Scotland Yard

All sixteen episodes on two DVDs!

With Paypal - CLANDVD - Now $18 US$!


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