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Specialising in Classic Radio Programmes and Film from the 30s 40s and 50s


Vintage Propaganda on DVD

All movies are in Region 0 NTSC format and are supplied in protective plastic sleeves.


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The Atomic Bomb

Nuclear Propaganda Films



This comprehensive collection contains 16 full length films from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Nearly four hours of nuclear propoganda on one DVD.

Duck and Cover (1951) - 9 Minutes -  Probably the most famous A-Bomb propaganda film. The film, with the help of Burt the Turtle, reassures school kids that they can survive a nuclear blast by kneeling on the floor and covering their necks.

The Day Called X (1955) - 28 Minutes - Dramatization showing the evacuation of an entire city (Portland, Oregon) under the threat of nuclear attack.

The House in the Middle (1954) - 12 Minutes - Did you know that painting your house white and keeping it clean can keep you safe if the bomb drops? Includes nuclear test footage. This one was sponsored by the 'National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association'!

About Fallout (1955) - 8 Minutes - An attempt to play-down the risks associated with radioactive fallout. "Fallout swallowed accidentally with food or drinking water would do you no immediate harm".

About Fallout (1963) - 22 Minutes - An extended and updated version of the 1955 film.

Atomic Alert (1951) - 10 Minutes - Another 'safety' film for school children. Encourages kids to go into strangers houses if the siren sounds.

Medical Aspects of Radiation (1950) - 20 Minutes - Reassures you that if your hair falls out from radiation exposure, you can always wear a wig. Also implies that any mutations in your children caused by radiation are a good thing!

Operation Crossroads (1945) - 26 Minutes - Footage of the Bikini Island atomic bomb tests

Operation Cue (1955) - 14 Minutes - Shows a series of tests that were carried out in Nevada to establish the effects of atomic explosions on a variety of objects (houses, food, etc). Watch Civil Defense officials start poking around the site 24 hours after the blast before settling down to a picnic!

Operation Cue (1964) - 14 Minutes - Updated version of the 1955 film.

Radiological Defence (1961) - 26 Minutes  - Learn how to protect cows and/or sporting equipment from from the effects of the atomic bomb.

Self Preservation in an Atomic Attack (1950) - 17 Minutes - Soldiers learn how to survive the A-bomb. Best quote; :"Just the right spot for the enemy to lay an egg.... an atomic egg! What an omelette that would make!"

Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951) - 8 Minutes - More advice on how to live through an atomic blast.

A Tale of Two Cities (1946) - 12 Minutes - A highly biased film showing the effects of the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

With Paypal - ATDVD - $14 US$



Private Snafu DVD Collection



This DVD contains all twenty-eight episodes of Private Snafu, as well as three bonus 'Mr Hook' cartoons.

Made between 1943 and 1945, the Private Snafu cartoons were created to entertain and inform the US Armed Forces during World War II.

Coming... Snafu



The Gold Brick

Infantry Blues

Fighting Tools

The Home Front


Booby Traps


Vs Maleria Mike

A Lecture on Camoflage


Going Home

The Chow Hound



Pay Day

Target Snafu

Three Brothers

In The Aleutians

Its Murder She Says

Hot Spot

Operation Snafu

No Buddy Atoll

Seaman Tarfu

A Few Quick Facts - Inflation

A Few Quick Facts about Fear

Mr Hook - A Good Egg

Mr Hook - Tokyo Woes

The Return of Mr Hook

With Paypal - SNDVD - $14 US$


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