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Specialising in Classic Radio Programmes and Film from the 30s 40s and 50s


18/6/06 - Charlie Chan and Mr Moto Movies Removed From Site

Due to the official Fox releases of the Charlie Chan and Mr Moto DVD sets, I have removed all Chan and Moto movies from this website.

I encourage any customers that are interested in these movies to support these official releases and purchase the set from Amazon using the link below.


25/10/06 - Captain America 1944 cliffhanger serial is now available in the serials section.

19/10/05 - The complete 'New Adventures of Charlie Chan' TV series is now available from the Charlie Chan DVDs page.

7/10/05 - Sections for cliffhanger serials and proopaganda films have been added. You can now find vintage Superman and Batman serials, as well as nuclear propaganda films and the complete Private Snafu collection by following the links on the main menu.


Welcome to the 'Old Time Radio UK' online store. We have a great selection of vintage movies (including the entire Charlie Chan collection) and classic radio broadcasts, all available on DVD.

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Please choose your area of interest from the menu selections below. If you have any questions about any of our products please email us at oldtimeradio@playntradeonline.com

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Charlie Chan Movies on DVD

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Cliffhanger Serials on DVD

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Propaganda Films on DVD

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3D Movies on DVD

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All DVDs are now supplied with movie titles professionally printed onto the disc's surface.

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All recordings included on these DVD-R discs have been verified as being in the Public Domain. If you believe that you are the copyright holder of any of the recordings advertised on this site, please contact us with proof of ownership. If your claim is legitimate the item(s) in question will be removed from sale.


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